Corporate Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management consultants are a must in today’s modern age where everything can be found with just a few clicks. However, not all understands the value of online reputation management consultants. Regardless of the size of your business, organization, or profession you have, online reputation management is a must. It protects your online reputation at all times. To get the most out of online reputation management consultants, you have to select the right one because not all of them are created equal.

What factors to keep in mind when choosing an online reputation management consultant?

Credibility and experience in Reputation Management

One of the important factors to consider is the credibility of the online reputation management consultant. Choose a consultant that is verified and recognized by third party organizations. Experience is also a must. How long has the consultant been in the business? The years in the business say a lot about the level of experience and expertise of the consultant. Another great way of checking the credibility and experience of the consultant is by reading customer reviews and testimonials. The social media presence of the online reputation management consultant is also another thing.  Look to see if they are mentioned in top business sites like or to see if they already have trust and a good reputation of their own.

Services Offered By the Reputation Management Company

Choose an online reputation management consultant that offers the best value for your hard earned money. Hence, it is a must to ask several online reputation management consultants about the services they offer and how such services work. You might not fully understand their explanations because the works involved are strategic in nature, but at least they can explain to the level of your understanding. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Select the online reputation management consultant that gives you the most satisfactory answers.

Cost of online reputation management services

Every service has its corresponding price tag. The cost of online reputation management service varies from one consultant to another. Hence, it is important to know beforehand how much the online reputation management consultant will charge you. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes to at least three online reputation management consultants and choose the one that offers the most favorable price. While the price does matter, it is important to not only base your choice on the price tag. You need to take a look at the total package, especially the types of services and how those services are executed.

The Big Blue Robot is one of the highly reputable names in the online reputation management industry. It is run by Don Sorensen who has over a decade of experience in the reputation management field. The Big Blue Robot was founded in 2003 and since then it has been successful in helping organizations and professionals manage their reputation in the world wide web. The Big Blue Robot is recognized by online reputation management authorities and has been featured in the USA Today, New York Times, Forbes, CNN Money, and HuffingtonPost.